All our guests can also visit the sights of the Carpathian region and get acquainted with the life and traditions of the local people


Free parking is available for guests

Cable TV

All cottages are equipped with Internet TV

Free Wi-Fi

Each room has a free Wi-Fi


During the spring-autumn period for lovers of active rest our chalet offers bicycles for rent


During the spring-autumn period for lovers of extreme restour chalet offers quadrocyclesfor rent.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool with a terrace is openin summeron the chaletterritory.


You will have an unforgettable vacation, lots of impressions and pleasant emotions in “Good days” complex. In addition to cycling or just relaxing in nature, you have anopportunity to swim…

The wood burning sauna 

The wood burning sauna for 8 persons

Hot barrels

Сonnoisseurs of authenticity and exoticism can relax in traditional Japanese barrelsin the Good Days Chalet.